About Us

Being bloggers, we always searched for different themes which would be great for our new projects and can maintain good performance. There are over 4,500 WordPress Themes and still, there are only handful of them that are actually usable and can perform well. Frustrated over the same process of finding and choosing the theme, we decided to release our own WordPress ecosystem “Grigora” (fast/quick in Greek).


Pratik Kinage – Project Head

What is our goal?

Allow the users to dynamically create a website without harming the performance. We have a long roadmap of adding more features in the theme and performance tweak options. Stay tuned for future updates?

Who owns Grigora?

Grigora is owned by “Latracal Solutions Private Limited”. Founded in 2019, we develop websites, mobile applications, and other web technologies. Now, we’ve stepped our foot in WordPress Theme/Plugin Developments and will be adding more products in the coming years.