Grigora Kit 1.0.9


Here’s a Quick Look at Star Rating Block


Bigger Size, Custom Number of Stars

Different Icons

Different Colors

Hover Effects

Following is the summary of all changes made from version Grigora Kit 1.0.8 to Grigora Kit 1.0.9 –

  • Addition: Star Rating Block
  • Improvement: Fixed icon slugs to improve the search results in the icon picker
  • Improvement: Auto-align center for a group whose width is less than screen size
  • Bug Fix: On Scroll Animation had unexpected behavior when multiple scroll blocks were used
  • Bug Fix: Group Background Overlay CSS3 filter getting reset when the value was set to 0
  • Bug Fix: Number counter align center
  • Addition (Devs): Added a prop for the icon picker to hide the remove button
  • WordPress Plugin Page: Added tags

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