Grigora Kit 1.3.0: What’s New?


Grigora Kit 1.3.0 comes with brand-new responsive control options and some other features. Lets have a look at them one by one –

Responsive Controls

Now you can change the settings for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile separately. These settings can come handy when you want to control the font size in desktop and mobile differently.

Grigora Kit Responsive Controls
Responsive Controls

Custom SVG Support

SVG Icon block now supports custom SVGs. Just enter your SVG code and render your custom art!

Here’s a custom SVG example –

Post Grid Blocks

We have 6 brand new post grid blocks to display your posts in magazine style. All these blocks come with a responsive mobile structure to keep your users engaging.

Change border, box shadow, text color, overlay, or even hover effects. Design possibilities are limitless! Here are screenshots from some of the post grids –

Grigora Kit Post Grid 1
Post Grid 1
Grigora Kit Post Grid 2
Post Grid 2 with Excerpt, Author and Date

Total of 6 different structures you can choose from!

Other Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Addition: Countdown Margin Padding
  • Improvement: Fix On Scroll Animation CLS
  • Improvement: Scale Transform Step changed from 0.1 to 0.04
  • Bug Fix: SVG Icon Block on hover color was getting applied if not changed in editor.
  • Bug Fix: Nested Advanced Group had inconsistency in background color and gradients.

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