Grigora Kit 1.4.0: What’s New?

grigora kit 1_4

Grigora Kit 1.4.0 comes with new Patterns features where you can import prebuilt aesthetic patterns in your Block Editor –


Patterns Option
Patterns Button

Click on the ‘Grigora Library’ button in the top bar of your Block Editor/Site Editor to open up a modal. Then simply import the desired pattern.

Note: This does not slow down your website by any means. It is been added as a facility to create section using Blocks available in Grigora Kit.

Other Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Addition: Now you can edit the Show and Hide texts in the Table of Contents.
  • Improvement: Editor and Style CSS files are concatenated into one file in the editor to improve performance.
  • Improvement: Replaced the algorithm to enqueue CSS and scripts to provide faster renders.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the non-working BorderInput component from WordPress 6.1.
  • Bug Fix: Need Z-Index in Sticky. Otherwise, it goes inside the gradient.
  • Bug Fix: Advanced Group Link Color Transition Time is not working if Nested Advanced Group is present. – Partially Fixed. Nested Text Transition Time is still behaving wrong.
  • Bug Fix: Advanced Group Overlay, Hover Image not visible.
  • Bug Fix: Remove Hooks from Scroll To Top.
  • Bug Fix: Scroll To Top Not visible in Post Editor.
  • Bug Fix: Google Maps On Scroll Animations was not working.
  • Bug Fix: Post Excerpt, When ‘Make a Link’ is selected, underline appears in the editor.
  • Bug Fix: Post Author, change text alignment on Layout change.

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